Spawning Server Failed

Trying to access Anaconda notebook and receiving a spawning server error. How can this issue be resolved?

Hi, I am getting a similar issue too, I was hoping if I could get help on this as well!

@amanda.byrne – I think that the issue you were having was because you’d run out of CPU seconds for the day; we’re looking into a better way to handle that kind of case. Your CPU quota was refreshed shortly after you posted your message – is it working again now?

@vagmipadmanabham – could you let us know the full URL of the page where there’s the error? A unique ID for your account will be in there, so we can use that to track down what the cause might be.

Here you go: Starting notebook server (

Thanks! It looks like the same issue as @amanda.byrne was having – you’re out of CPU quota for the day. As that’s not the expected behaviour (things should run slowly when you’re out of CPU, but they should actually run :slight_smile:), I’ve reset your CPU usage just now – if you give it a couple of minutes, then try again, it should work fine.

Hi I am still getting the same issue.

FOr some reason the post is not allowing me to copy the link