Spawning server failed?


I’m trying to start up the anaconda notebook but keep getting the following error:

This is the associated URL:

Did you use the “pip” command to install some packages recently? If you do that, it can install versions of certain libraries that the Jupyter system uses in such a way that they override the system ones, which can cause problems like that. We can remove the pip installed packages on our backend – just let us know if you would like us to do that.


I believe this is likely what happened! From reading others who have had similar problems I did use pip to install some packages. If you could remove those that would be great.

No problem, that’s done now. Could you check and see if it’s working?

Yes my problem has been resolved now.


Excellent, thanks for confirming!

Hi everyone, thank you to everyone who has posted here with spawning issues, we have been investigating them and implemented a fix which we are hoping will resolve most issues related to accidental pip installing of incompatible versions of jupyter core packages.

If you are still running into Spawn issues, please post again here with details of the last steps you took before hitting the issue.


Hi, i’m new to coding, so sorry if i’ve done anything wrong, but I tried to open the notebook today and this error started showing up:

Everything was working fine yesterday, and I didn’t install any packages (that I know of). This is the link from the error message:

Actually, sorry, it just started working again by itself after a few hours!

I got Spawning server failed too.
I used pip to installed packages. please remove them. and show me how to import package like keras, rdkit correctly.
Spawn failed: Server at didn’t respond in 300 seconds

I got Spawning server failed too.
I used pip to installed packages. please remove them.[](

I think the problem was that you had a very large number of kernels running – the system should have warned you about that. I’ve cleared them down; could you try again now?