Spawning Server? Not able to start anaconda clous server

Trying to access Anaconda notebook is generating this error of trying to spawn server.

Can someone help ?

I am in the same boat as you since this morning…

Still I believe the issue is not resolved.

Hi both,

This appears to be a repeat of the issues we’re tracking in another thread on this channel.

Whilst we thought we had identified and fixed the issues it appears that there is still something not quite right.

If you are able to share roughly what you had been doing in the previous session that may help us to find the solution faster. i.e. were you installing specific packages?

In the meantime the team will follow up here to fix your accounts ASAP.


@medhasharma14ham @Kaust_Shroff - please could you confirm if you’re still having the issues today?

We believe there may have been a storage server outage over the weekend which are now resolved.