Please provide stable packages with the Anaconda installer

In Anaconda 2022.05 which shipped with Python 3.9.12 and Spyder 5.1.5, every time I run a simple input() {for eg: a = int(input("enter a number: ")) } in Spyder it throws an internal error for no reasons. And even I can’t downgrade the Spyder version from Anaconda Navigator.

So, it’s a request, If Anaconda is providing other packages such as Spyder, Jupyter Notebook etc. Please ensure that they are stable releases, so that the end-user don’t have to face any kind of problems.

I hope that team would understand my concern and release a stable Anaconda release this year soon, ensuring stability of packages provided with it, Further may I know when is the Anaconda 2022.10 release is scheduled😁