Request for the removal of Spyder IDE from the next Anaconda release?

According to the problems that I faced with Spyder 5, it’s turned into a crap IDE as every other package works in Anaconda, expect Spyder.

I think it’s time to remove Spyder from the next release of Anaconda, as there are various alternatives available.

Visual Studio Code, Jupyter Lab (does max work as Spyder, from managing data to visualize and with a good user interface)

We didn’t need Spyder anymore, Visual Studio Code is far better than that with a friendly UI too.

That’s a bit drastic, isn’t it? What problems have you faced and why should that impact everyone else who uses Spyder?

Spyder remains my favorite IDE for Python. I’ve had no problems with it & even if removed from Anaconda (though I see no reason why it should), I would continue using it.

Spyder with Anaconda 2022.05 has a lot of problems, crash issues, some python functions not working properly.

May I know when the next Anaconda is scheduled to be released?

I have problems with Anaconda 2022.05 Spyder 5.1.5
I also can’t downgrade the Spyder version using Anaconda Navigator. Developers also don’t have a relevant solution to the problem, as this is very specific to Spyder.