Fresh install of Anaconda - Spyder has a critical bug and can't be updated

My steps:
Windows 10 Home
Download Anaconda from the website and do a fresh install
Open Spyder (version 5.1.5 is the one that is installed with a fresh install)
Try a very basic Python tutorial. It requires an input line. E.g. "x=input(“Enter name:”)
Spyder crashes.
Google the crash and discover this is a known issue and I need to update Spyder to the latest version (5.3.3.)
Try to update Spyder in Anaconda Navigator. It stalls (never completes)
Note that when I open Spyder it gives a pop-up box with directions to use these two commands:
conda update anaconda
conda install spyder=5.3.3.

Try those. The process stalls with all sorts of errors after a few hours.


It’s still gives the same error but have you been able to fix the problem or find a solution ?