Update Spyder, it is need of an upgrade

No update since November 2021 on the default channel

spyder-5.1.5-py39haa95532_1.tar.bz2 12.0 MB 2021-11-09

Is there a reason for the lack of updates given the conda-forge channel has been updated several times?
I posted this before but never go a reply from anyone associated with Anaconda

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Is the cause debugged? Isn’t it debugged?

from ktsh.tanaka.2020 to danpatterson
The latest Spyder is 5.3.1, but there are restrictions on the Qt version (5.9+) and Python version (3.7+).

For the test version, it’s good to have the latest version to help with debugging, but for the commercial version, that’s a lot of work.

I think that is the cause.
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