Issues with Anaconda distribution

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More issues with Anaconda!
Since I had issues ruing phyton scripts in the new Win 11 machine with new version of anaconda ( that I was able run in my old Win 10 machine without problem), I uninstalled and reinstalled anaconda again in the Win11 machine.

After all results were exactly the same as when I installed anaconda in the new machine for the 1st time.

I then tried to downgrade the Spyder in the anaconda window, it took about 40mins still Spyder was trying to downgrade and then exit anaconda.

I am not sure whether there is something not right with anaconda or is there a way to get over these issues?

I can understand that, as there are thousands of packages/libraires/programs are integrated in the anaconda things can go wrong.

As such I am glad if some can provide me guide lines to install Spyder, python and all required libraries required for python.

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dear Julian_Fernando.

Thank you for posting.

Since the basic policy is left to the user, we do not basically set guidelines.
However, I think it is certainly necessary to solve those problems.

A useful source of information at that time is

    Check for required library updates at
  2. Of course, it is the headquarter of python,
    Check the project information at.
  3. If possible, check the source code on github etc., and then check the necessary libraries etc. on your PC? please? To confirm.
    In most cases, there is no problem if you follow the procedure.

Naturally, what kind of project will Anaconda be applied to? Etc. are also necessary information.

However, in most cases, it is difficult to elaborate on Data Science projects due to confidentiality and other reasons.

On the contrary, it can be said that it does not set detailed guidelines.

Regards, you.

Dear Tanaka,

Thank you for the message.

One of the issues with anaconda was, I could not downgrade spyder in the Anaconda distribution. It took more than 45 mins and still it could not finish downgrading.

So I am not sure whether it was a problem inside Anaconda and package manger of conflict between Anaconda and Win 11? Or completely Win 11 issue?

Are there people Installed the latest version of Anaconda on win 11 machines and running smoothly?

Or Is there version of Anaconda working well with Win 11? If so how could I download the older version of Anaconda?

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dear Julian_Fernando.

Thank you for reply.
For the problem that Spyder could not download,

, but by default you need to use Anaconda’s conda command to set the appropriate channel.

In the case of Windows 11, since the commercial release has just started, it is possible that the QtLib that makes up Anaconda itself and the Java that runs Jupyter are not completely compatible.

Those libraries are necessary parts for constructing a GUI interface, but we cannot deny the possibility that some APIs cannot be directly accessed due to changes in Windows specifications (especially for security).

Even if there is no problem when using it with CUI, those problems may occur when using it with GUI.

As for Windows 11, it will take some time, but I think it will be possible in the next version.

Regards, you.

Hello all. It is now middle of october and I am giving up on getting Anaconda set up on a fresh Win 11 install. This is my work laptop (hp) that I was unfortunately forced to upgrade from win10 to win11. A clean install (not simple upgrade) was needed. I had Anaconda running happily on Win10, on this same laptop, but now all I get is a “_conda.exe” file (in C:ProgramData/Anaconda3 folder) that crashes almost instantly. Any suggestions welcome.