Why is PyScript documentation so bad and where can I find a better one?

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask where I can get PyScript documentation because I can’t even find anything about Element() or even tag in this documentation.

My two cents…PyScript is aimed for the moment at experimenters. It isn’t intended to be polished yet. It’s going to change, possibly a lot. So anybody poking around now…we’ll all need some patience and just look at the source.

The documentation in your question (HACS-Pyscript) is a different product and not related to Python in the Browser PyScript.

Under the covers, Pyodide is the actual PyScript engine. Their documentation is fairly complete. 90% of my questions are answered with their documentation.



Perhaps, at this stage you’d better look for contributions (posts, videos, tutorials) by early users. To me, it was useful to go through John Hanley’s blog; his posts tagged PyScript are clearly written and comprehensive and gave me a good grasp of PyScript foundations and how to use it for different tasks. And there are a few more links suggested by this community that are definitively worth to know, so I advise to keep on reading this board.