Pyscript source code

Hi, all I want to ask if, is there a way to get the py-script souce code for pyscript.css and pyscript.js to only use local calls when I create the HTML file? O mean, ir Is to Change the calls dos for pyscript.css and pyscript.js in the part of the HTML.

Hello @Andres_Chavarría :wave:

You can! But it would help if you did a few things first:

  • download pyscript Js and CSS file
  • download pyodide

Once you have the files, you can load pyodide from the folder and pyscript. I’d recommend giving a look at this repository created by @tpatrick

If you are using linux/mac you can follow the steps in the readme, otherwise, you need to download the files in

Note that Ted included the needed files in the runtime folder, so you can alternatively clone the repo and you should be good to go!

Please let me know if you need any further help :smile: