I think PyScript should come out with an IDE plugin first to make coding easy.

At present, I use pycharm to open the HTML document for editing, and then it is very inefficient to write python code in it, because I need to enter the code completely manually, and the IDE will not prompt any PYTHON code.

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It’s true, the limited tooling for writing Python inside of HTML is unfortunate at the moment. While there’s been some possibility of improvement discussed from both VSCode and PyCharm, at the moment I think the best option is to use the src attribute of the PyScript tag to locate the code in a separate file.

So your py-script tag becomes: <py-script src="my_code.py"></py-script>, and your Python code lives in my_code.py, where hopefully PyCharm (or another IDE) will recognize it and give you autocompletion etc.

It’s worth noting - the src parameter takes a url, not a file path, so the files do not need to be fetched .