PyScript Collective

We kick started a community repository called PyScript Collective.

The aim of this repository is to have all community’s contribution in one place. It’s also meant to be ran by the community and that’s why we’re opening this thread here.

This is a very early iteration of the repository and there are many points to improve. Most of them are on an organizational perspective, some of them are related to code and good design, but I’m sure opening a space for discussion we’ll learn many other aspects we can improve on.

Feel free to post your ideas, concerns and of course to contribute and take ownership of the Collective!


To have an idea on the ideas we’re currently thinking about with here are a few excerpt from the issues:

  • Create a Contributor’s gallery with all contributors
  • Move examples from the core repo + forums + other places in the web(?) to the collective
  • Improve the test infrastructure
  • Create a better UX/UI for the examples page that will showcase the examples from the collective in the website
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More things we’re currently thinking about:

  • set up an announcement list email, maybe also a discussion list
  • community website (current inspiration:
  • turn our gallery into an executable gallery
  • save whatever you have in the page into an app. the CLI’s feature is doing something similar (this is converted to an issue here)
  • create an environment for pyscript development that’d offer tools to make the users’ lives easier. e.g a button to easily share your code among many places (this is an idea by @Luciano Ramalho and I’m sure the explanation can be very enriched by him)
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Hey, so we’ve been moving kind of slowly here because we opted for having a process that will be more complex but hopefully will both value contributor’s time and improve the quality of our content.

The current effort is being led by Paul Everitt (a member of the community with no association with Anaconda). You can check his work in progress ideas here.

The TLDR of Paul’s effort is to have a repository that will host examples that works. They will be tested and go through a standardization process. This process will happen trough an opinionated system called Hypermodern, it assumes things like black and code-coverage (all of this is up for debate and extreme customization, you just have to get involved and voice your opinion to change things! ;).

Once the examples go through this process they’ll be approved by one of the maintainers of the collective and included in a gallery, probably in This part is not so well defined.
The idea behind Hypermodern is also to offer them in a package to make it easy for users to have access to it.

If you’re interested in shaping up the future of the collective don’t hesitate to either reply this thread or through github: GitHub - pyscript/pyscript-collective: Placeholder repository for community contributions to pyscript