Swapping PyCharm Professional to Community

Brand new to Python.

I’d like to replace the PyCharm Professional application for PyCharm Community, so I started to read this tutorial. Midway through the tutorial, it mentions uploading your package to anaconda.org.

But uploading your home-made package suggests that somebody has done this before me (it’s hard to imagine there isn’t an army of people wanting to do the same thing I want to do).

I see there’s something called “Channels”, which seems like a way to leverage other peoples’ work on packaging new packages for Anaconda Navigator, but I don’t know how to update it (or with what).

Before I go down the rabbit hole of making my own package, is there a way to leverage other peoples’ work in packaging applications like PyCharm Community?

And if so, how can I get rid of the PyCharm Professional tile? I have no plans to purchase it at this time, and I’d like to reclaim the space it takes up in the Anaconda Navigator.