Source-code / GitHub / PR's for Anaconda Navigator?

Happy to find this community forum here. Will this now replace the Anaconda-issues GitHub issue tracker? It seems that Navigator issues are not being watched there.

At my organization, quite some people like the Anaconda Navigator to create their environment and install packages. We have also created some of our own conda packages and put them a custom channel on our network drives, and we’re happy to see (this was new for us) that you can show custom apps in Navigator as well. This is very welcome because it makes it much easier for our (basic, non programming) users to install desktop/GUI apps.

However, some things don’t work as expected (or as promised). I have posted issues on the Anaconda-issues Github repository, but I have a feeling that it’s not being watched frequently (aside from package update requests).

The main issue is that the ‘app.own_environment’ key for the conda recipe is not being loaded/used/applied by Navigator. We have a package that is best installed in its own requirement, so that it doesn’t accidentally screw up other environments. The ‘own_environment’ key seemed great for this.

Additionally, the icons and summaries are not being loaded for the non-standard Navigator apps. Actually, I noted that all icons and summaries are hard-coded :thinking:

I would like to try and make some small changes in the Navigator code, as the issues we’re facing can be solved with small modifications (I think). But the Navigator Github repo is gone. Any other way to obtain the source or even contribute?

Glad you found us! Happy that you and others are finding Navigator useful, but sorry to hear you’re having issues. We’re always on a quest to make it a better experience.

A few notes that will hopefully shed some light on things:

  • This ( isn’t fully replacing the existing issues in Github issues tracker. We are still using that as an official location to create and track bugs , feature requests, etc. There are many users of Anaconda and unfortunately we aren’t able get to all issues that are opened as soon as we’d like, but we are trying to get better!

  • Right now Navigator isn’t open source so there isn’t a way to access/modify the source code.

  • Could you send me a direct message with a link to the issues you are talking about? I’ll make sure that we move that up in the priority triage list.


Thanks! I’ll get some parts together and write up a DM to you.