AutoGluon from a local channel?

I am very cautious about what I install, and have been trying to get away with using conda with just the channel, since it gives me some level of trust about the plethora of other packages that sometimes get installed as dependencies. Does this make any sense?

I need to use AutoGluon, which is not available on the anaconda channel.
I am wondering if I should establish a local channel that I set up to contain packages which I have reviewed and deemed to be reliable (such as AutoGluon).
Please let me know if you have any thoughts and/or experiences with this.
If establishing a local channel is reasonable, any tips for setting it up would be really helpful.
Also, is there anything that I could contribute to, toward getting AutoGluon into the anaconda channel?

Hi Bill,
Thanks for starting the discussion here and raising the question of AutoGluon. We do have AutoGluon on our backlog of packages to add and have received a few requests for it. I don’t have a solid ETA for you, but hopefully we can add in the first quarter.

Your strategy for hosting the package yourself makes sense as well, until available in a public place. We’ve got some documentation on that scenario here: Creating custom channels — conda 4.11.0.post8+f60f0f16 documentation

Finally, if you would like to contribute, the best path is to contribute to conda-forge first (docs: conda-forge | community driven packaging for conda ). Once something’s available on conda-forge, it’s much easier for us to add it.

Great questions and once again, thanks for posting. Let me know if you have any more questions.