Missing Tiles in Navigator

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Missing tiles in Navigator

“I have recently installed Anaconda Navigator Individual Edition 1.10.0. There is a tile for PyCharm Pro, but the tiles for PyCharm Community and VS Code are missing. How can I display these tiles?”

Another user responded:
“I have a similar problem. I just upgraded from Anaconda 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 and the PyCharm Community Tile disappeared.
After my previous upgrade from 2.0.4 to 2.1.0 I had tiles for both PyCharm Community and PyCharm Pro.
Has anybody else had this problem, or resolved it?”

So it is appeared, that you cannot use VS Code with Anaconda. And if you still insist on using VS you need to download Python, am I right? Can we get someone from Anaconda support team to rule about this situation? I don’t like Spider too much and see no any reason to pay for pyCharm pro. Why Anaconda doesn’t offering any of those light weight editors, which were available just few months ago?

"Hello, Thank you for contacting Anaconda.

An automated review of your support request indicates that your account is not currently associated with an active paid support contract. If you feel this is in error, please reply to this email and include your full name, the name of your organization, and the Anaconda product version you are using."

Basically there is no way to get an adequate answer. Which probably means - if you want to use VS Code you need download another version of Python. If they interfere with Anaconda you have to chose and un-install one of them.

You can definitely use VSCode with Anaconda. If you have it installed, you can go to the Navigator preferences to set the correct path to it if Navigator hasn’t detected it automatically. In fact, in an upcoming Navigator release, when you launch VSCode with a selected conda environment from the Navigator home tab - it will launch VSCode with that conda environment active. So, not only do we support VSCode, but we are actively improving the experience around it.
The main change from older versions is that we no longer allow users to install it through Navigator - in the case of VSCode, users have a better experience if they install it directly from the VSCode website themselves.

As far as PyCharm Community - it is a bug in the latest version of Anaconda Navigator (v2.1.1) that the PyCharm Community tile is not appearing - this should be fixed in the next version, or you can downgrade to the previous version.

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I was able to reproduce the PyCharm Community tile disappearing when you upgrade to Anaconda Navigator v2.1.1 from v2.1.0. This was unintended. However, it only applies for pre 2019.1+ PyCharm Community installations. This will be addressed in the next Anaconda-Navigator version. I was able to see the PyCharm Community tile in Anaconda-Navigator v2.1.1 after I had installed the latest version of PyCharm Community from Download PyCharm: Python IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrains - so that is another option if you are running into this issue.


This isn’t exactly related to the issues mentioned so far, but I have an environment in which I have installed JupyterLab, but there is no JupyterLab tile shown for that environment in my Home screen when I select that environment.

There are tiles shown for Jupyter & JupyterLab when I select my base environment, and there is a tile for Jupyter when I select my other environment, but no tile for JupyterLab in my other environment.

I am new to Anaconda as of today. I downloaded v2.1.1. I am following the Python for Dummies book and it states there is a VS Code button. I do not see the button or a tile by that name. Can you help me?

Hi - Apologies for the delayed response. The VSCode tile will only appear in later versions of Navigator if you already have it installed. You can install it directly from Microsoft - Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows However, you may have the most success with your book if you choose to install the version of Anaconda that roughly lines up with when the book was published. Many things changes over time - so I suspect the VSCode tile is not the only difference you’ll run into. You can find the older Anaconda installers in the archive (they are listed in alphabetical order) - you could look at the date modified and then make sure you pick the right one for your OS and hardware - as well as which version of Python (Python 3 recommended!)