Spyder 5.1.5/Spyder 4.2 Issues

I have been using Spyder 4.2 for roughly a year without issue. Upon opening and coding for roughly 15 minutes today the Application started freezing mid program constantly. Restarting the kernal unfreezes it, then upon running code same issue. Starts freezing. I uninstalled all Anaconda related software and reinstalled the newest version. 5.1.5 Spyder is what it installed upon re installing Anaconda. Same issue. I get not Tracebacks upon hitting the stop button when it freezes and no internal error messages now. Although I did get some internal messages on version 4.2 before uninstalling.

Those Error messages showed this when opening the “Show Details” on Spyder 4.2

ite-packages\spyder\plugins\ipythonconsole\widgets\debugging.py", line 278, in _handle_input_request
return super(DebuggingWidget, self)._handle_input_request(msg)
File “C:\Users\xxxxx\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\qtconsole\frontend_widget.py”, line 512, in _handle_input_request
self._readline(msg[‘content’][‘prompt’], callback=callback, password=msg[‘content’][‘password’])
File “C:\Users\xxxxx\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\qtconsole\console_widget.py”, line 2422, in _readline
self._show_prompt(prompt, newline=False, separator=False)
TypeError: _show_prompt() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘separator’

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately to debug where this error is occurring, you would need to post the relevant code that is failing below… it would help if you can pinpoint the error to a single line or just a few lines of the code where it seems to hang.

Hope this helps.

Stephen Weller
Anaconda Support Engineer