Debug in spyder

Spyder 5.1.5 in anaconda… suddenly unable to run debug. Console locks up when debug is started on any script. scripts run perfectly in spyder if not debugging. If I install spyder 5.2.2 outside of anaconda, debug runs perfectly.
HAve installed and reinstalled anaconda with no improvement. Debug looks OK in console initially but cntrl F10 does nothing and console shows message: --“KeyboardInterrupt–
For copying text while debugging, use Ctrl+Shift+C”
when I click on “stop current command”

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I have the same Spyder problem as what you said.
Have you solved it?
Thank you!

Yes, I totally uninstalled Anaconda and the associated directory, spyder-py3; anaconda; and any directory under your User name that was associated with anaconda.

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I found an issue on Github talking about this problem recently:

This may be helpful to you