Even after correcting according to the error message, the same message appears.

I am building an environment following this article, but when I entered the last command, 0.20.3 of accelerate was required, but 0.18.0 was installed, so I updated it, but the same error occurred It will be displayed again. Same thing with uninstalling and fresh install. what’s the problem?

This is the error message.
ImportError: accelerate>=0.20.3 is required for a normal functioning of this module, but found accelerate==0.18.0.
Try: pip install transformers -U or pip install -e ‘.[dev]’ if you’re working with git main


If your using conda it is NOT recommended that you work with ‘pip’ - this can break things in your conda environment, because pip does not track other dependencies in the environment. If you have to use ‘pip’ to install a specific package, you should create a NEW conda environment, activate it and exclusively install packages with ‘pip’ in that specific environment.

Thank you for your reply. It’s my first time using miniconda, how should I do it?
Could it be the “conda active” command?


You can proceed as follows:

conda create -n mypipenv
conda activate mypipenv
pip install <pkg_name>