Trouble Installing TensorFlow

Hello, my Grad class just started using Anaconda. We were instructed to download Anaconda Individual Edition then to run this code >> conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow << as an admin in Anaconda Prompt to install the current release of CPU-only TensorFlow, but it didn’t work for me. Can anyone tell me why? I tried Twice.

This was the first error message.

dear Lawrence_Moskal.

Thank you for your contribution to the anaconda community.

There is one thing I would like to confirm. Was it installed with the following command during installation?

conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow-cpu

If hypothetically, the following command will install the GPU version.

conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow

Best regards.

Hi Ktsh, yes the code displayed ending in CPU was the one we were instructed to use.

dear Lawrence_Moskal.

thank you for your reply.

Then TensorFlow will run in CPU mode without any problems. However, please be aware that depending on the text and file data used in educational guidance, GPU usage may be assumed.

Also, when using TensorFlow, the package used may require a GPU (Keras-gpu, Watson-gpu).

In that case, I would appreciate it if you could confirm the installation of the package without panicking.

Best regards.