"The detected CUDA version (12.1) mismatches the version that was used to compile PyTorch (11.7). Please make sure to use the same CUDA versions."

Good morning, i’ve been struggling with this error on multiple applications, and not sure what the remedy is. I thought this was interpreted as “Install pytorch version that is compatible with cuda version 12.1.” So I go to the pytorch website and install “conda install pytorch torchvision torchaudio pytorch-cuda=11.8 -c pytorch -c nvidia” since i’ve read that it’s compatible with 12.1 I go to rerun my program, and it repeats the same error. It’s usually after i run this code “pip install -e .” i’'ve run into this error working with automatic1111 and vicuna chat bots, but was wondering if i could get more information on exactly what it is asking, and how to fix the problem in the future. Thanks and have a great day. I only seem to get this error when working in anaconda, if i use my base system’s python, it works fine. Base system python is 3.9.16 and anaconda python version is 3.10.6. I am on the latest version of manjaro 22.1.0