Command 'conda update anaconda' fails

I have an issue that has been reported previously but, as it was reported in the context of updating Spyder, it didn’t get answered directly

I installed Anaconda, using the graphical tool, on a MacBook Pro M2 running MacOS 13.2.1 with the terminal using z shell. (I would have switched to more familiar bash shell, but I forgot). I had to run the z-init commands suggested for the command line install to get the install to work:
source /bin/activate
conda init zsh

I was able to “verify” the install. Conda lists the packages. Python starts. I can start Navigator from the command line. Jupyter works…

The first time I opened Spyder it was recommended that I upgrade with the following commands
conda update ananconda
conda update spyder(version argument)

The second command worked fine, but the first command ‘conda update anaconda’ fails with this message:

" PackageNotInstalledError: Package is not installed in prefix.
prefix: /Users/thomasbarson/anaconda3
package name: anaconda"

This command works on my other computer (a 2018 vintage MacBook Air) which uses the bash shell, but where anaconda has the prefix: /Users/thomasbarson/anaconda.

The obvious step is to try ‘conda update anaconda3’ - but I thought I would ask first.

Hi @tbarson49,

I would try

conda install anaconda

Yeah… something is wrong with the latest Anaconda and Spyder not able to launch (I have win 11, error message is sht about module not found ctypes even though I can see it in the folder so I don’t think that’s really the real cause). I spent entire afternoon reinstalling and updating things and couldn’t manage it to work. I had to revert back to the previous version of Anaconda dated back in October 2022 (Google anaconda version…). Hope someone can take a look at this!

Hi @Dave_Clements: Thank you for the suggestion! The implication seems to be that the Mac install can’t be ‘updated’, only superimposed via ‘install’?

I had been playing around until Jupyter and Spyder were not working at all. So I erased the installed, switched to bash shell, and reinstalled. I working on something now, so I have to park your suggestion for the moment - but I’ll report as soon as I try it. TB

Yes, I got quickly to the point where everything was broken and had to reinstall. I switched to bash shell this time. And I’ve deferred ‘updates’ until I finish some things. I will report once I try updating in the new install.