Anaconda update fails

First I must confess to say that I never experienced such a bad software update management as I did with conda (to update Anaconda).
The simple command
conda update anaconda
runs for hours and does not give any useful result. I used it on different systems - so I think it’s the software not me.
I wanted to update spyder and was told to use 2 commands - the first of them conda update anaconda. Even the simpler command “conda update conda” gives several “failed” messages and runs for an hour already. Are there any other ideas to update spyder or at least to suppress the spyder message that it wants to get updated?

The obvious thing to do ought to be

conda update spyder

(run in the same environment as that in which spyder is installed, or with the -n flag to specify another envirnonment)

Have you tried this?

“Anaconda” is a meta package with loads of dependencies, and conda is a package that should only be installed in your “base” environment; in this sense, both are special.