When is an update an update?

In Anaconda Navigator, when I go to Environments and then select the sub group of updatable packages, I get a range of packages which are indicated to be updatable. Some, when I select them and then click on Apply, the program goes off into the solving package routine and then return the message “All requested packages already installed”. Cross checking I find that indeed the selected package is already installed to the cited updatable version number. So why is the updatable routine showing them as supposedly updatable?

There is then the curious feature that the installed version number is not actually the current updated version. (For example, as at 14/11/2022, I have Spyder version 5.2.2 installed and also being shown as the updatable version; except I get the message “All requested packages already installed”. But the current version is at 5.3.3 which incidentally, Spyder reminds me every time I open it that the update is available. Of course, attempting to install the update via Conda goes nowhere and using PIP is expressly discouraged.)

I presume that is just a reflection of the inevitable time gap between a package update by its authors and you permitting the update within Anaconda.