VS Code Extension voting on VS Code Pythons github

Hi everyone! So I started a feature request for making PyScript & Brython supported by VS Codes CPythn extension: Support for PyScript & Brython. · Issue #19415 · microsoft/vscode-python · GitHub

We’ve already reached 7 upvotes (which is required for them to review the popularity and need for this feature to begin with), Im begging everyone reading this to go drop a comment on the github ticket linked and react with a thumbs up on the original post to further increase our chances of them adding support for it.

With the CPython extension supporting PyScript we would get in-editor code hinting/linting and auto completion when developing in the popular code editor VS Code.

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I only see 2 upvotes. I then upvoted to make it three. Create a Twitter tweet and LinkedIn post to raise awareness.

You probably looked at the wrong message, there were 16 upvotes last I checked. Not sure if thats anywhere near enough still

You are correct. I click on the post by Karthik Nadig. I know several engineers and PMs on the GitHub and Visual Studio teams. They do listen to the community.

P.S. My understanding is that PyScript support in Visual Studio started several months ago. I might be wrong, but I am guessing they are planning a surprise.

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A start I suppose

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