Updating packages in new installation on Windows

I bought a brand new PC with Windows 11, and I’m installing Anaconda Navigator 2.4.0. In my base environment, the notebook package shows that an update is available. But when I try to update the notebook package, it won’t actually proceed to updating (no packages are listed under “the following packages will be modified”). Is that because the base environment can’t be modified? If no, then is the notebook package ineligible to be updated due to other packages? Thanks.


Can you please attach a screenshot of the error messaage you are receiving to this thread?

Thnak you.

I didn’t receive any error. When I select to update notebook in my base environment, the pop-up box doesn’t list any packages to apply an update.

It is definitely possible to update the conda base environment as follows:

conda update --all

If a newer version of the notebook package is available in your base environment, this will update it.

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