Anaconda navigator can't update jupyter notebook on windows 10


I’m trying to update Jupyter Notebook from Anaconda Navigator on Windows 10 Home.
Anaconda Navigator - Home - Jupyter Notebook - select “Update application” (from 6.4.5 to latest).
The process looks to be started right after that, but then nothing happened. No errors, no messages. Jupyter Notebook version remains the same (6.4.5).

How to resolve the issue?


Do you have the anaconda metapackage installed? Look for the anaconda package under the environments tab. Sometimes you need to update that to “custom” first - as Jupyter Notebook is one of the packages in that metapackage. If the anaconda metapackage is pinned, then it won’t update notebook.
Another option, is to try and update it using the Anaconda Prompt with conda. (conda update notebook) That might give you more information about why the update isn’t happening. It would be good to get the output of conda info and conda list --show-channel-urls to help you debug it further.

I updated anaconda in the base environment to “custom” from 2021.11 and as you indicated it allowed me to update notebook (Jupyter Notebook) to the latest version, 6.4.10. So far so good until I returned to the home page and discovered the tile for Jupyter Notebook was no longer visible.

I went back to the environment page and updated the index. - No change
Opened a command prompt and ran conda update conda. - No change
Closed and restarted navigator. - No change
Downgraded notebook to 6.4.5 - Now I have the tile back.

Upgrading Jupyter Notebook at the tile allows it to be updated but it immediately disappears. Downgrading it to 6.4.6 or 6.4.5 allows the tile to display on the home page.


Hi @Steve_F ,

I’m a bit confused by your last message. The latest version of Jupyter Notebook on is v6.4.8 - not v6.4.10. In fact, if you look at the releases for Jupyter Notebook, Releases · jupyter/notebook · GitHub the latest release is v6.4.8 (the other more recent ones are have alpha tags). I’m not sure how you managed to get v6.4.10? I attempted to reproduce the problem by upgrading my installation to v6.4.8 - but the tile did not disappear on my homepage. Can you perhaps share what your channel configuration is and confirm the version you installed?


@CrystalS, You are correct unless you have conda-forge included in your list of channels. Here is a picture of what is offered with conda-forge as one of the channels. (Notebook :: Once I removed conda-forge the highest is 6.4.8. I was able to update notebook to 6.4.8 in a new environment. I chose to leave the base at 6.4.5.

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