Remote kernel gives different answers on same datat

I have a python script that loads a file of analog values and performs some signal-processing on it to extract various values (SNR, noise, etc.).

I run Spyder 5.3.1 with these versions of the components: Python 3.10.5 64-bit | Qt 5.15.3 | PyQt5 5.15.4 | Windows 10.

If I connect to a remote kernel on my (much more powerful) server and run the script on the same data file I get different answers. I don’t mean they vary in the sixth decimal place, I mean some of the values are a factor of two out.

The linux system has Python 3.9.15 and is hosted on Ubuntu 20.04.

What could cause such a large change in the output, and which one is correct?! How can I further troubleshoot to determine what’s causing the issue?

I found my issue.
The remote system had a different version of one of the imported modules. This was causing the difference in my output data.
Hope this helps someone else.