Spyder no longer starts the editor I use/I have to restart the kernel frequently

I received this inquiry from a free edition user. It came in German and I put it through Google translate. I am posting it here primarily to see if any German speaking users or Anaconda Engineers can assist, but English responses are welcome, too. I will share the post link with him. A similar Spyder issue was reported here yesterday.

Mehrfach installiert, Anaconda für Windows 11. Arbeite mit Spyder schon jahrelang, bisher nie Probleme. Dann neue Spyder-Version, ab dann zunehmend Störungen. Heute startete Spyder nicht mehr den Editor, mit dessen Hilfe ich Software entwickele. Habe Spyder 5.1 xx und Python 3.9.7. Die letzten Wochen mußte ich bereits häufig den Kernel neu starten, da Spyder tot war.
Die CPU Leistung und der Memory - Verbrauch schaukelten sich hoch, bis zum Stillstand. Installiert habe ich mit der “Anaconda”-Empfehlung auf der Homepage.

Installed multiple times, Anaconda for Windows 11. Worked with Spyder for years, never had any problems. Then new Spyder version, from then on more and more malfunctions. Today Spyder no longer started the editor I use to develop software. Got Spyder 5.1 xx and Python 3.9.7. Over the past few weeks I’ve had to restart the kernel frequently because Spyder was dead. The CPU performance and the memory consumption rocketed up to a standstill. I installed it with the “Anaconda” recommendation on the homepage.

Same issue here. I know the post is old but did you ever find an issue to this? Mine started acting like this on Spyder 4.2 uninstalled everything anaconda related. Reinstalled to 5.1.5. Same issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!