Release Date PyScript Beta?

Does anyone know when publishing PyScript Beta is planed?

Best regards Hebi

PyScript has moved to an incremental versioning system - you can always get:

I doubt we’ll see anything that’s formally called a “beta” release - each new release could be considered ‘beta’ in the sense that they’re going to have new features and (potentially breaking) changes.


I agree with Jeff’s comments.

Also, there is a significant amount of work happening with Pyodide. PyScript alpha is integrated with Pyodide 0.20.0, whereas the current Pyodide is 0.21.2. There are a few major changes to switch from 0.20 to 0.21. To test the latest, you must link to the unstable version.

This article provides more details on PyScript versioning:

I would not expect anything similar to a beta for a while, maybe this time next year.