Can I use h5py with pyscript?

It appears that h5py was added in this pull request to Pyodide but not included in the Pyodide version 0.20.0 which py-script uses currently. Is it possible I can use a Pyodide version that includes the support for h5py with Pyscript?


With the timing of the PR you link to, it isn’t part of 0.20.0, it came a few days after the release date of Pyodide 0.20.0.

However I believe there is a way that might be worth testing in case it works for you, based on the fairly recent announcement about PyScript versioning here:

I think that if you switch your code to point to this version: (and the associated css etc) then it should pick up the latest Pyodide, because looking in master here, they are pointing to the Pyodide 0.20.1 alpha 2 which includes the change you’re after.

If the above doesn’t work then you could try cloning the repo and building/ serving it locally to see if that way pulls in the later Pyodide but i have a feeling the unstable version method above will work.

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Actually this seems like it doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

I did a minimal test and it can’t do the import . I’m under the weather today, so I’ll have to investigate a bit more fully over the weekend when I’m more “with it” than i am now!

Edit: Still need to check this but i believe my earlier assumption about how the version of Pyodide used gets updated was wrong above. Rather than it being set in the packages.json file, there appears to be a flexible way to pick the runtime as per the field “src” here:

So if you want to have a go, by all means try it with the 0.20 alpha 2 runtime and report back, otherwise I’ll have a shot myself sometime tomorrow/Sunday I hope :+1:

Hi Neil,

Thank you for reply, I hope you will recover soon :slightly_smiling_face:.

I will try your suggested solution, however I’m not even sure if the h5py PR was included in the alpha version.


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It appears that it was included in the alpha release however the h5py package in pyodide is broken unfortunately.

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Hi all – any luck with this in newer releases? @neil

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