Pyodide version used with Pyscript

Is there a way to find out which version of Pyodide is being used with Pyscript? There are some updates in the 0.21 version of Pyodide that I don’t believe are yet accessible with Pyscript.



All right, already managed to get an answer on Twitter:

Seems that the current stable version of Pyodide used with PyScript is 0.20.0, while the most recent unstable version uses 0.21.2

Does anyone know when will 0.21.2 be included in the stable (“alpha”) version of Pyscipt?

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With the merge of PR #738 on August 30 2022 (two days ago at time of writing), the next pinned release of PyScript will include Pyodide 0.21.2.

As for when the next pinned release will happen? Unclear to me, but some of the PyScript core devs may have an idea.

If you want to play with the new features of pyodide 21.2, as an alternative to building from source or linking to the unstable release, you can use the <py-config> tag:

    - src:
      name: pyodide-21-2
      lang: python

To see that you’re really running with Pyodide 21:

  from pyodide_js import version