Pinning to older PyScript versions

Hi all!

In my app, MySTyc (featured in the Anaconda blog) I’m using, as recommended in PyScript website. However, it looks like the site has been broken for a few days, probably after an upgrade.

I completely understand (and support!) that PyScript makes breaking changes, since the project is still very young. However, I’m wondering if

  • It’s possible to pin an application to an older PyScript version, say 2022.12.1. Tried and other variations without success.
  • What are the recommended practices to monitor client-side errors. On the backend I’d use something like Sentry, but unsure how I would do such a thing with PyScript.

Hi @juanlu , and welcome to the forum!

The URL for pinning to a specific version of PyScript looks like:[version]/pyscript.js. In your example,

As far as best-practices for monitoring client-side errors, PyScript is young enough that I wouldn’t say there are any strong examples out there yet.

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Worked, thanks @JeffGlass!