Reinstalled Anaconda does not run

I was forced by an Anaconda notification few months ago to upgrade (manually, beacuse automatic upgrade didn’t work) Anaconda. Since then the functionality of Spyder dropped step-by-step.
Now I removed Python and Anaconda and reinstalled from scratch (first only Conda, now both) and cannot overcome an error, saying (translated):
‘The entry point of process (?init@PyWinBufferView@QEAA_NPEAU_object@@_N1@Z) cannot be found in the DLL (C:\Windows\Systems32\pythoncom39.dll)’
The dll is there at the givan place.
Anaconda does not start at all, drops 20+ error window, but still not, and drops a new every minute. Spyder starts after 5 error windows. Reset Spyder Settings (Anaconda 3) option in Start menu does not help either. The error window pops up every 2 minutes, so I cannot program now.

Windows 10, Anaconda3-2021.11-Windows-x86_64.exe as installer freshly downloaded from official site.

I kind of “deleted” the mentioned dll by renaiming it and now both Anaconda and Spyder run without error messages.
I did the same before reinstallation but then this solution did not work, rather I kept another error message saying thaththe dll was missing. (So I just was curious and that’s why I renaimed the file before deleting.)

Hi -

Sometimes different applications have dlls that conflict - but end up getting picked up first in the path. We’ve seen this quite often with mkl and there is a detailed writeup on it in the conda documentation in the troubleshooting section.

Sounds like you are up and running now - I’m glad to hear you’ve figured out how to fix it!