Python crashes after latest anaconda update

Update to anaconda 2022.11 and previously working programs with numpy worked outside my Spyder IDE. Now I get along error message re mkl dll not accessible. Tries uninstalling python three times, half-dozen “fixes” from Google search, adding directory of mkl files to environmental variables. Programs using numpy work fine when run from my Spyder IDE, so I think the required mkl files are available on my system. I’m out of options. Anybody got any suggestions?
Thanks, Greg

Can you provide some additional information?
The complete error message (Is there a traceback?)
The programs that are no longer working outside of Spyder - are those other IDEs/applications, or your code?
The output of conda info
The output of conda list --show-channel-urls

Found a fix. Load cmd window and request its path [command window> set path]. Load Spyder and request its path [ipython command window> set path]. The difference are the paths requested to run Spyder. Copy the Spyder paths and go to the Environmental Variables in Windows. Go to “user variables for ” and create a variable, eg PyCMD. Next click on PATH variable for edit. Add %PyCMD% to the end of the list [just two on my pc]. The required directories should load when the registered user runs a Python script. This now allow you to run a CMD level Python script.

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