R installation error

I am new to Anaconda and am trying to install RStudio on my work computer, however I get this message when I try to install it:
CondaHTTPError: HTTP 000 CONNECTION FAILED for url <https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/main/win-64/current_rep odata.json>
Elapsed: -

An HTTP error occurred when trying to retrieve this URL.
HTTP errors are often intermittent, and a simple retry will get you on your way.

If your current network has https://www.anaconda.com blocked, please file
a support request with your network engineering team.

The message says that your system is not able to reach our repo server at all. As it mentions, sometimes this is a problem with network connectivity and goes away by itself. However, it’s more likely something in your specific network setup - are you running from within a corporate environment, for example?

Yes, I am using VPN to remotely access the desktop in my office. One of our tech support guys suggested it has something to do with proxy servers. So I found something about filling out some code in condarc file, however I am not really familiar with any of this stuff and it got quite confusing so I just gave up.

Right, so the important thing is that the remote computer (the one in your office where things are happening) needs to be able to reach the given URL over HTTP. The tech support should be able to make that happen. An proxy configurations they give you that aren’t applied system-wide (which they would configure for you, I would think) can be manually provided:

Where can I find my Python 3 interactive interpreter?

@1137595406 : there are many ways to get to an interpreter: you can load up jupyter, spyder or other IDE, or simply launch in a terminal. I’m not sure which of these you are after or what you have tried to do so far. It’s not really related to the discussion in this thread!

Getting started with Anaconda — Anaconda documentation is probably your best resource to get going.