New to Anaconda - Several questions

I installed Anaconda successfully, or at least I think I did.

Now how do I start Anaconda Navigator and how do I install Spyder on Windows 10 desktop computer?

I have Make Python Talk (I just received it from Amazon dot com this morning- 30 Mar 2022) and I went through the procedure on p. 4 for installing Anaconda. It completed after 40 or 45 minutes. But I don’t see how to get an Anaconda prompt, and I don’t think I have yet installed Spyder.

My goal is to get a “talking” and “listening” app that uses Python which might be used for instance by a person who is locating inventory. “The item is on Shelf B3” or something similar. Of course this is after my app has opened a data base.

But so far, I can’t even get an so-called Anaconda prompt.

My qualifications - I’m a semi-retired software engineer who started out many years ago with a BS in electrical engineering. I have created many Microsoft-based Web sites.

If rules of this site permit, I would appreciate an email. I am Jim Collier, and I live in Anaheim, CA. Please mark the subject of your answer “YOUR ANACONDA QUERY”.


Hi Jim -

That sounds like a really interesting app you’re looking to build - good luck with it!

You may find it helpful to read over the Anaconda Distribution installation documentation. It isn’t clear to me from your message if you were able to install Anaconda successfully or not. If you were, Spyder should already be installed. You can launch it from Anaconda Navigator or the Anaconda Prompt (spyder). There are also some helpful videos on Anaconda Nucleus ( like this Getting Started with Anaconda Distribution that I’d encourage you to watch as well.

Hope this helps!