Can't Open Spyder, Can Barely Open Anaconda

I downloaded Anaconda from this site a few weeks ago. A little slow, but the navigator would open up ok. Now, it takes about 15+ minutes and a whizzing fan to even open the navigator. More urgently, I can’t even open up Spyder. I click launch and nothing happens. I left it alone for a long time and still, nothing happened. Can anyone please help me?

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dear Clara_Nemzoff.

thank you for your posting.
First, let’s check the resources of your PC.
On windows, you can see it with erfmon.exe /res from the command line.
If you’re on linux or macOS, you’ll see it with ps -aux.

At that time, if there are many resources that python consumes, one of the causes is that the amount of imported site-packages is large.

Because it’s so convenient, you may end up doing conda install, but cleaning unnecessary libraries will solve the problem.

So checking your packages with conda list -n base and removing duplicate packages might help.

Machines need to be improved to boot and run faster while using current packages. For example, changing HDD to SSD, increasing RAM capacity, replacing CPU with the latest one, installing GPU, etc.

Regards, you.