Navigator Applications ask for install every time

Hi ,

I recently uninstalled Anaconda from C Drive and re-installed in D Drive , However each time I open Navigator and try to launch “lab” or Notebook etc it only gives the option to "install "

After clicking install it first goes to C/ProgramData/Anaconda3 and says conda environment not found and only after clicking okay does it start looking in D/Anaconda where the actual packages/files are present .And this happens every time you close and relaunch the application

So how do I reslove this ? … i have searched and there aren’t any files left from the old install anymore but maybe there are some hidden files somewhere causing this .

Also i kept the add 'Anaconda to PATH " unchecked as per installation recommendations , Could that be an issue ?

There are some configuration files here:


And here:


Probably the first one contains some (outdated) references to the C: drive?