Anaconda Navigator not installed packages bug

When I select an environment in the anaconda navigator and then select the “Not Installed” packages list it is always empty. No matter why I try to search it is always empty. Cannot find packages I don’t have that I want to install, altho I can install them via console command.

I have the same issue. Installed Anaconda today on Win11 and in Anaconda Navigator when I want to see “Not installed” packages the list is empty! Doesn’t matter if this is a base or any custom environment. In the channels I see “defaults” maintained. Adding also “conda-forge” does not add any packages to “Not installed” list! Why is that?!

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Hi, We unfortunately have encountered an issue where Navigator does not fully support Conda version 23.1.0. We are aware of this and plan to have a fix in Navigator release 2.4.0 within the next week. As a short term fix, rolling back the version of Conda to 22.9.0 will resolve this issue until we can patch it.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to get a solution out to the community.