Anaconda Navigator

Hello - I have installed Miniconda and was wondering if i can use the Anaconda Navigator GUI with Miniconda instead of using the full Anaconda distribution. If so, is there any nuances I need to address and what is the install package command. Thank You!

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In theory you should be able to open the Miniconda prompt and run:

conda install -c anaconda anaconda-navigator 

Installing more complicated packages like this in to your base environment though can run the risk of you needing to do a clean reinstall of Miniconda at some point.

I would recommend setting envs_dir to somewhere outside your install location and running all your projects in their own conda environment: Using the .condarc conda configuration file — conda 4.13.0.post36+86447b6b documentation

So that if you need to do a clean reinstall at some point all your environments will be unaffected.

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That makes sense. Thank you for your input!

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