Mac M2 Ventura Support - 2023.03 Anaconda / Miniconda?

Hi Anaconda,

There are a lot of known problems with trying to use Anaconda or Miniconda with M2 Ventura macs.

The latest miniconda3 M1 ARM package (build 7 Feb 23) fails during the installation process with this error - “This package is incompatible with this version of macOS.”

Will 2023.03 version have native M2 support?


Whilst Anaconda haven’t responded and 2023.03 has now been released, I’ll share an update.

2023.03 package installer fails with Ventura + M2. It is the same error as my original post, “This package is incompatible with this version of macOS”.

However, I’ve discovered this is just the pkg installer and you can work around it with the shell installer.

This worked for me: bash

Can you please share detailed steps on the workaround please? Any luck with Anaconda distribution pkg with M2 ventural 13.2.1 macOS? I got ‘installation has failed’ earlier when i simply did ‘install for me only’ or try with choosing ‘/Applications’

Hi @Quazi_Rasool ,

This simple work around is to not use the graphical installer and instead use the shell package.

Download the latest miniconda shell installer from here such as

To install open up a terminal and enter;