Cannot install anaconda

I’m using m1 Ventura 13.1mac and I’m trying to install anaconda3-2023.03-macosx-arm64.pkg.

I’ve reset my computer once, so there’s no other programs installed.
Before resetting it, I’ve installed and used it with the same version of Conda that I’m trying to install it.
Error happens when I try to install Conda downloading program, which is [this package is incompatible with this version of MacOs]–same error happens when I try to install Miniconda as well.

I’ve tried to install it using terminal as well, but this error happens- [the install failed. installer encountered an error that caused installation to fail. an error occurred while extracting files from the package "anaconda3-2023.03-macosx-arm64.pkg.

I REALLY want to install Conda