Jupyter Notebook fails to start

Just installed the Intel version on an Intel Mac.

What I click jupyter notebook → Launch all that occurs is a terminal window opens with a prompt…

(base) imac>

echo $PATH shows…


lab JupyterLab → Launch works.

Once JupyterLab is running then, http://localhost:8889/tree works, so it appears Jupyter notebook → Launch fails to start the local HTTP instance, while JupyterLab does correctly start the HTTP instance.

Let me know how to fix this.

Also running jupyter notebook from a terminal prompt works, so this only fails from the Navigator.


It is not clear to me how you are launching jupyter notebook - what are you clicking on?
If you open a terminal window(cmd prompt) you can type ‘jupyter-notebook’ from your ‘$USER/opt/anaconda3/bin’ folder to launch it.

If you are not launching it that way, please give more specific information on how you are launching it…