Launching anaconda

Hi. For some reason, I cannot launch anaconda after downloading it. I would like to get started with jupyter notebooks on my work computer so that I can work in python. I am on a macbook pro (OS is Monterey). when I click to launch anaconda, I just get a dialogue box telling me that anaconda can’t be launched.

What can I do to resolve this?

Can you try launching Anaconda Navigator from the terminal? If you open up a terminal and you see (base) as part of the prompt, you should just be able to enter anaconda-navigator to launch it. This may provide a better error message to help get to the bottom of what is wrong. anaconda-navigator --debug may give even more insight into what is going wrong.

You can also launch JupyterLab directly from the terminal without Navigator by entering jupyter lab - or use Anaconda’s free JupyterLab based notebook service: Anaconda Nucleus.