Issues in launching R from Root enviornment and creating environments with R packages

I recently installed Anaconda on my MacOS Montery.
I am facing some problems working with R.
I hope someone is able to help me, I am quite inexperienced and it might be that these issues are easy to fix. I did a little research myself without success.

1st - When I try to launch R in the root environment, I get this error message and R doesn’t open. R opens just if I create a separate environment where just R packages and not Python’s ones are present.

2nd - When I try to create an environment with both R and Python packages, I get the following error message, and the environment is not created.

UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be incompatible with each other:

Output in format: Requested package → Available versions

Package python conflicts for:
r-essentials → notebook[version=’>=5.6.0’] → python[version=’>=2.7,=3.10,=3.7,=3.8,=3.9,=3.6,=3.5,python=3.9

Package openssl conflicts for:
r-base=3.6.1 → curl → openssl[version=‘1.0.|>=1.0.2m,=1.1.1d,=1.1.1a,=1.0.2o,=1.1.1n,=1.1.1l,=1.1.1k,=1.1.1g,=1.1.1c,=1.1.1b,python=3.9 → openssl[version=’>=1.1.1h,=1.1.1i,=1.1.1j,=1.1.1k,=1.1.1l,=1.1.1n,
Package r-base conflicts for:
r-essentials → r-base[version='3.2.1.
r-essentials → r-formatr[version=’>=1.5’] → r-base[version=‘3.1.3.|3.2.0.|>=3.4.2,
Package readline conflicts for:
r-base=3.6.1 → readline[version=’>=7.0,python=3.9 → readline[version=’>=8.0,r-essentials → r-base[version=’>=3.6, readline[version='7.*|>=7.0,=8.0,

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I’m also a beginner in Anaconda, R, and Python, but I think I can give you some advice.

Anaconda’s base system is configured with Python, so packages related to R are associated with a version of Python.

Therefore, even if you choose an R-based system, it is assumed that Python is installed on your system.

If you want to configure a system based entirely on R, you need to build the source code using CRAN or use RStudio from RStudio, as can be said for all OSs, not just MacOS.

This is because RStudio used by Anaconda is a Community Edition, so there are restrictions.

Thank you for the answer - but I still believe that I should be able to launch R from the root environment and that I should be able to create an environment with both python and anaconda as language, right? Otherwise why are we given the option to do so in the creation of a new environment

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Thank you to reply.

This is a very good question. It is caused by customizing venv used in python for Anaconda in Anaconda’s environment.
This is because when python migrated from the python2 series to the python3 series, some APIs were different, causing internal errors in Numpy, Scipy, etc.
In Anaconda, creating a new environment means, for example, if the customer’s environment and the environment you are using are different, are there any errors in the script or the newly added program? It exists to test such as.
R and python are different, but basically Conda’s environment is written in python.
Therefore, it is very important to know the Python environment.

Sincerely yours.