Cannot launch R Studio in Anaconda Navigator in MAC

Hi! I’m new in Anaconda, I’m trying to use R Studio: I open Anaconda Navigator (I’ve installed R Studio) once I try to launch R Studio this message appears on the navigator: (It only says "R Studio and a “!”)
Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-19 a la(s) 21.38.33

Can anybody give me a hand with this issue!
Thanks in advance

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I am getting the same error.

Did you find a solution

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dear alewinder and Peter_Pecholcs.

thank you for your posting.
This issue has been known for some time and has been answered on Stack Overflow.

There are two answers, and I’ll briefly describe each solution.

  1. Keep your system free of R and R-related packages, and use only Anaconda packages.
  2. Decide to use R and R-related packages installed in the system, and do not use Anaconda packages.

We’d be happy to pick one of the solutions.

Regards, you.

I forgot to mention there is another solution. For example, there is a method to create an environment dedicated to anaconda using Oracle’s virtual box.

For example, if you install Windows 10 etc. in a virtual environment and make it an anaconda-only environment on it, you can use it even if R or Rstudio is installed on the macOS side.