Installing Anaconda to USB

Am seeking tutorials or instruction on how to install and run anaconda on a usb thumb drive.

I think this should be do-able (unless some of the staff here says it isnt). For the sake of the example, I’m assuming your USB drive has the label E:\ It is important that you can assign the same drive letter on any PC where you will use the drive.

Now first, you download either Anaconda3 or Miniconda3 and install it on a location in E:\, say E:\Miniconda3.

After installation, you’ll want to edit some settings to tell conda where to store environments and the package cache. You can do this by adding a .condarc file in the installation directory, e.g. E:\Miniconda3\.condarc.

The .condarc file is a YAML file. You need to add the following keys: envs_dirs and pkgs_dirs:

  - E:\Miniconda3\envs
  - E:\Miniconda3\pkgs

Now, when you plugin the drive, set its drive letter to E:\, then you can open a command prompt and run: call E:\Miniconda3\Scripts\activate. From there on, you can activate environments using conda activate E:\Miniconda3\envs\my-env.

I think - but am not sure - you will need to use absolute paths as conda normally creates an environment list file in the %USERPROFILE% directory.

I hope this helps, I did not test it myself… so good luck!