Miniconda installing all packages installed with Anaconda

I have installed miniconda on my Surface Go 2, I am wanting to install all the python packages that are installed by anaconda, without all the extras. My surface Go 2 is limited to 128 GB SSD and an external Micro SD Card. Does anyone know of an yaml file that will allow me to do this?

Hi! That’s a great question !

What do you mean by “extras”? All the packages installed with Anaconda Individual Edition (AIE) are actually defined in a meta-package called anaconda :slight_smile: . So, for you to install all the packages on AIE you can simply run conda install -c main anaconda to install it (use anaconda= if you want to install a specific version of anaconda). It will not install Navigator, for instance.

My guess though is that it’ll probably install a lot of “extras”, in the sense of packages that you may never use (hence my initial question). So, if storage size is your main concern, you may want to curate that list of packages by hand.

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