"anaconda3/miniconda3 not found"

Hey, completely new to this so it’s likely the issue is a result of my own ignorance. I’ve just installed miniconda3 and was able to use the prompt without an issue for some time. However, after creating an environment and trying to run a program with it, the prompt told me miniconda3 was not found and gave me a link to install it. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and updating without any improved results.

The only thing I think could be the source of the trouble is that I have it installed on an external drive, where it might be trying to find it elsewhere. However I’m unsure how I would fix this, as my main drive is too small to install it there.

I’m learning this slowly, but I feel I’m picking it up alright, so hopefully this won’t be too much trouble to solve.

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dear Tegdig.

thank you for your posting.
If you installed it on an external drive, one of the causes is that the PATH is not passed.

For example, in the case of windows, it would be good to refer to the following URL.

The important thing here is to make a note of where you installed it on your external drive.

For Linux and macOS, the procedure is different.
You need to set the correct PATH by referring to the URL below.

Also, after setting the PATH, there are items that must be checked. Is it “.conda.rc” created correctly? I don’t know. If this file is not created well, please contact us again.

Regards, you.